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In 2011, Etienne Richelle imagines a bike so that his car license-free wife can bring the kids to school with ease.


The project then turned into a company designing and manufacturing “longtail” cargo bikes for families. The bike is much appreciated for its reliability, neat design, driving comfort, and constant evolution.


In 2022, Etienne is joined by Miguel Vandamme and Thibaut Dehem to give the project a new ambition.
Production ramps up and a goal is set to “replace 10.000 cars”.

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Proudly made in Brussels

Bike 43 proudly assembles its bicycles in Brussels. Since starting production in 2016, the company has collaborated with an adapted workplace in Brussels, providing employment and reintegration opportunities for handicapped and socially impaired individuals. Guided by Etienne, the team primarily composed of hearing-impaired individuals—has developed an exceptional mechanic skills.
Around 80% of the value of the bicycles comes from components made in Europe. The frames are meticulously hand-welded in Eastern Europe using high-quality chromoly steel. The engines are sourced from Shimano and Bosch, while the spoking of the bicycle wheels is handled in Brittany.
The vision for local production was a founding principle of Bike 43, setting it apart in an industry predominantly based in Asia. This strategic choice allows for rapid iteration and continuous enhancement of product designs. The company has developed over 30 versions of its frames and continuously innovated its ecosystem of accessories, focusing on safety for children, convenience for families, and ease of assembly for mechanics.
Today, we are recognized as a visionary in the industry, having been at the forefront of the movement to repatriate manufacturing, spurred by global logistical challenges and rising costs.