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Pivotable Roller coaster


The pivotable Roller coaster allows Bike 43 passengers to jump comfortably in the back without effort.

Allows to carry up to 3 children at the back of the bike. It encloses the children for a safe and fun journey.

Front cushion for Roller coaster


This article is the front cushion. It is not mandatory to buy with a Roller Coaster as you can have a baby seat instead.

Rear cushion for Roller coaster


This article is the rear cushion for the pivotable Roller coaster. It allows kids to sit comfortably on the back of the roller coaster.

Step-in Kit - Narrow


The Step-In is a long platform for the back of the bike. It is either a footrest for the children seated at the back, or a deck for the bags.

Rain & Thermal cover


Child rain and thermal cover for rear seats – 15kg/22kg

Wheelguard kit - fabric


Elegant protection item to prevent the shoes of the little ones to go accidentally in the moving parts of the bike.

Brompton front bag for bike 43

Brompton (TM) Borough L with adaptor


The Brompton (TM) bag is the perfect accessory to bring your belongings with you. It come with a block adaptor for the frame and can be easily unfastened to take with you.

urban iki baby front seat bike 43

Front seat - baby


The Urban Iki front seat is the perfect accessories for your baby first rides. Sitting at the front, he/she can enjoy the view while feeling safe between both of your arms.

Premium Pack


The Premium Pack gives a nice upgrade touch to your bike including, the Bosch Connect (GPS tracer), Speedlifter, suspension seatpost, Supernova Front light, Ring lock , 4 pistons brakes.