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Rear box for Roller Coaster


Rear box that fits right in the Roller Coaster.
Transport anything from groceries or tools.

pegs foot rest bike 43

Pegs for foot rest


Foot rest for bigger children or adults, as a complement to the Roller coaster or to a rear junior seat.

baby maxi cosy on long tail bike

Maxicosy adaptor


Adaptor to install a maxicosy at the back and bring your little one safely.

Luna animal basket bike 43 carg

Animal Basket


The LUNA animal basket is the perfect accessory to bring your best friend along.
Dimensions: L50*W36*H50 cm

waterproof bike storage

Waterproof cover


Waterproof cover for outside bike storage
130 x 250 cm

low rider

Rear low rider


Low rider frame for the back of the bike. Allows to mount hook on bags (e.g. Ortlieb, Vaude) while keeping the carrier free for children seats.

Retrofit kit for Roller Coaster on a Gen1 frame


This kit is a necessary add-on to install the Roller Coaster on Gen1 frame.