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Pivotable Bench Kit


This is a kit that includes the pivotable roller coaster, and front & back cushion. The Pivotable Roller coaster accessory allows to carry up to 3 children at the back of the bike. It encloses the children for a safe and fun journey.

The pivotable Roller coaster allows Bike 43 passengers to jump comfortably in the back without effort thanks to a Clip system to open and close.
Pay attention: the pivotable Bench Kit will no longer include the step-ins that come as standard with the bikes.

Frame compatibility: Gen2 frames. Heinzmann powered Bike43s are always Gen1, Shimano powered are always Gen2, and Bafang powered can be either Gen1 or Gen2. New Bike43s are Gen2.

Patent Pending: the pivotable roller coaster is an exclusivity for the Bike 43 proudly innovated by the Bike 43 engineering team.