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Family Rides.

The market’s most spacious long-tail bike.

Thanks to the patented foot box, up to three children can fit at the back. The first kid can fit their legs and feet under the saddle to allow for extra room.

Safe & comfortable driving for everyone.

Thanks to both the battery position and the 20” back wheel, this bike has an excellent center of gravity. It also means that kids who fall off the bike will not be too far off the ground to prevent injury.

Multi-motor frame to evolve with your needs.

You can choose your motor power and the internal hub system that goes along with it. This bike is adaptive and could still evolve in the future.

A low maintenance bike to last a lifetime.

This bike has been specifically engineered to last. With a high-end Chromoly steel frame, internal gear hub, custom kickstand, and a double X design, this bike will be by at your side for a long time.

Style and Colors

Our bikes are stylish and customizable to suit your needs. Your bike 43 is available in 4 different colors and with 5 different motor/gear systems. Whether you are focused on functionality or want advanced performance and style, there is a bike 43 waiting to be your long-lasting, loyal road companion.

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Built for quality

Our bikes are designed in-house. Our frames are hand built in Europe, by specialized and experienced craftsmen. Our bikes are then assembled with care in Brussels according to the best quality standard. Local production is aimed at limiting the impact on mother earth. We also believe in an inclusive approach with adapted workers in our Brussels-based assembly line.

Adopted by the most demanding families for their daily, all year long transport

What they say about us

The many steel struts bring a solid, superior stability. The low center of gravity makes handling easy for passengers and riders. When riding, it is well balanced and requires little adjustment from a normal bike.

radfahren bike 43 review

Tester: Jens Kockerbeck

128 km in 2022

The “longtail” combines compactness, maneuverability and the ability to carry either equipment or children… or all at once. It offers maximum versatility to the two-wheelers and is full of tricks.

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Bike 43 reads “bicycle for three” competes with the classical cargo bikes. Indeed, it can carry luggages or children without the disadvantage of the container in the front that has a considerable impact on the weight and maneuverability.

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The longtail bike is longer in the back to accommodate 2 child seats. The bike 43 (literally “bike for three”) is a unique family cargo bike. It is particularly maneuverable and stable, making it easy and safe to ride in traffic.

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Words from the Founder

When it comes to family transportation, it’s all about reliability to make sure you meet your deadlines every day. Our full focus for the bike design has been to make it a low-maintenance quality bike that can survive very intensive usage. If you want to replace a car, you better build it at least as strong!

Etienne, Founder of bike 43

25.000 km+ on his bike 43

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